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          Secret: is it true that hemp oil can dissolve in water?

          Hemp oil is produced in Bama and has the reputation of "longevity oil" and "not aging oil". It has been reported by CCTV for many times, such as "discovery" and "home far away". In addition to the concerns of longevity and improvement of three highs, "hemp oil is the only water-soluble vegetable oil in the world", which arouses the strong curiosity of the people. So it is true that hemp oil can dissolve in water Do you? Is it a gimmick or something?

          Where does the saying "hemp oil dissolves in water" come from

          On October 11, 2011, Qin Xuyun, the first Yao doctor in China, was interviewed by Hunan Satellite TV's Encyclopedia. When talking about the secret of Bama people's longevity, he pointed out that "the nutritional value of hemp oil is very high, because this oil is soluble in water, the only oil that can be soluble in water."

          On March 22, 2014, in CCTV4 "home far away - Changshou Township under duyang mountain in duyang mountain", the reporter did an experiment, adding camellia oil and hemp oil to mineral water at the same time, and found that the former appeared oil-water separation rapidly, while hemp oil was integrated into the water.

          Why should we emphasize that hemp oil is soluble in water? Because of the general oil, the oil molecules are far greater than the water molecules, when drinking soup, you will find that the oil is floating on the soup. Hemp oil can be dissolved in water, indicating that the oil molecules of hemp oil are small. When making soup with yishutang hemp oil, there will not be a thick layer of oil floating on it, and the taste of soup is light and not greasy. What are the advantages of small oil molecules? It is more conducive to the absorption of the body, but also more easily with the water out of the body, not like other cooking oil caused by hyperlipidemia and other problems.

          Is it true that hemp oil can dissolve in water?

          With the naked eye, hemp oil is indeed "soluble in water", because compared with other edible oils, the oil molecular particles of hemp oil are very small, close to water molecules, and it seems that they are integrated.

          However, from a chemical point of view, oil is a non-polar molecule, while water is a polar molecule. According to the principle of "similar phase solubility" (due to the electrical interaction between polar molecules, the solute composed of polar molecules is easy to dissolve in the solvent composed of polar molecules, and hard to dissolve in the solvent composed of non-polar molecules; the solute composed of non-polar molecules is easy to dissolve in the solvent composed of non-polar molecules, and hard to dissolve in the polar molecules In terms of the solvent composed of sex molecules, it is impossible for the two to really blend.

          Why can hemp oil shown on TV dissolve in water? On the one hand, it's the "illusion of the naked eye" explained above. On the other hand, it's all the hemp oil extracted in Bama, which has high water content and is easy to "blend" with water after contact. But the shelf life of this kind of sesame oil is short, and it will go bad soon.

          For the sake of food safety, the state has strict requirements for the edible oil sold - the water content is less than 0.2%. The hemp oil sold on the market has generally gone through the water filtering step, with a smaller water content. It is normal that the hemp oil does not mix with the water. Many people mistakenly think that the purchased hemp oil is impure if it does not dissolve in the water, which is not the case. The nutritional value of the filtered hemp oil remains the same, but the shelf life is longer, so do not try to "dissolve in water" blindly, or you may buy the deteriorated hemp oil.

          Whether soluble in water or not, hemp oil is the healthiest edible oil recommended by the United Nations Food and oil survey.

          As one of the five longevity regions in the world, Bama has the largest proportion of people over the age of 100. In Bama, there is a saying that "eat hemp every day and live to 98". Hemp is a kind of herbaceous plant. Its fruit is called hemp seed. It can be made into hemp oil, hemp soup, hemp paste, hemp ecological tea, and even hemp skin care products.
          In 1987, the Ministry of health of China identified hemp as an oil crop with the same source of medicine and food, which has a very high health care function; in 1995, the United Nations grain and oil survey agency recommended hemp oil as the most healthy and valuable edible oil.

          This paper focuses on hemp oil. It is the oil with the highest content of unsaturated fatty acids (which can regulate blood lipid, clear thrombus, protect eyes and brain, relieve pain and inflammation, carry out immune regulation, etc.) in all vegetable oils, and it is the only one with the best natural ratio of linoleic acid and α - linolenic acid of 2.4:1, which is in line with the characteristics recommended by the international health organization that the ratio is less than or equal to 4:1, It is one of the most nutritious and balanced oils.

          It should be reminded here that linoleic acid and α - linolenic acid are indispensable fatty acids for human body, but human body cannot synthesize them autonomously. They must be supplemented from diet. Fish oil and hemp oil are recommended.

          Hemp oil is also rich in protein, lecithin and a large number of anti-aging vitamin E, selenium, zinc, etc., without cholesterol. Long term consumption of hemp oil can moisten the stomach and intestines, nourish yin and tonify deficiency, protect the eyes and liver, remove diseases and prolong life, especially for the elderly with constipation, hypertension, high cholesterol and other diseases.
          But on the other hand, hemp has a very high demand for the natural growth environment. High quality hemp is produced in the high magnetic mountain area in the north of Bama, which is rare and extremely precious. In order to retain the nutritional value of hemp to the maximum extent, when it is made into hemp oil, physical cold pressing is generally adopted, which has a small oil production. Only 5 jin oil can be produced from 30 jin hemp seed, so the price is relatively high, and there is no condition It's harmful to buy food. After all, its health care value is very large.

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